Wednesday, 31 July 2013


   Mommy always said I was a special kid, and that's why I always have to sit in my room and watch nice things. I love her so much because she takes care of me, unlike the others. They are mean to me and tell me I can't play with them, but I do my best. Mom gave me a necklace long time ago that keeps me from being a naughty boy. She also dresses me in pretty clothes such as white shirts with these big sleeves. I never hurt anyone, and I don't want to do it either, I always try to help them and be good to them, but they just start to be mean and rude to me. It really is breaking my heart.

One day, mom brought me someone to play with, he looked very confident in the moment he walked in, probably because he was talking with mom, she's very charming. He turned his gaze towards me and  gave me a big smile as mom shut the door closed and fixed my shirt so I could move a bit better. She then tapped my head and walked back towards the door, opened it and walked outside, telling us to have fun as she locked the door. He was looking pretty tired until he eventually opened his eyes wide to look at me. I smiled widely, slowly walking towards my new friend, "I'm Bobby", I said to him, still smiling. He looked at me and didn't answer. He had a bandage wrapped around his wrist which was for some reason sticked to my wall, I didn't see when mom put it there. He looked sad so I asked him what's the matter. He told me his arm huts, tugging onto the bandage a few times, slowly looking up at me. I smiled, and told him that I'm going to help so I grabbed his hand and managed to free it from the bandage so I could have a better look at it. He was crying out of happiness because I removed the bandage. I felt so good! He was so happy that he even forgot to thank me! My friend then fell onto the floor and started wiggling around. It was some kind of fun game so I did the same and ended up rolling over him! He was making all sorts of funny noises and I laughed so much, but then mom came in the room and told me that my friend has to go home. I pushed myself off him and started sobbing quietly as my mom put back my shirt, smiling kindly towards me and pecking my forehead, eventually dragging my friend outside. I heard him scream with joy as he stepped outside our house.. I'm not such a good friend after all.. 
He came back the next day, it was soooooo nice of him. Mom brought him in as she did last time, but this time, my friend was missing his right arm. Mom bandaged his other hand sticked the bandage to the wall like the last time and then placed a box onto the ground next to me. She removed my nice shirt and told me to fix my friend's arm. I was so happy I could help. Mom grabbed my friend and pinned him to the ground, giving me a wide smile. My friend was groaning in happiness, knowing he'll get his arm back. I opened the box and looked inside. There was his arm and the tools needed to put it back. I smiled widely and slowly placed his hand back in place - he was in tears, that's how happy he was! It was great to help my friend. After I was done fixing his arm, I accidentally stabbed mom's jaw and she yelled at me. I started crying and I wanted to fix her, I placed my hand over her face and started examining her jaw carefully, thinking I could help her. Mom  hugged my arm tightly, giggling under her breath as I was checking onto her jaw.. during all this time, my friend managed to go home with his now fixed hand.. I'm so happy for him.
Ok, so I'm sitting at this bar, enjoying my beer, having my swag on, waiting for some nice ol' lady to come 'ere an' ask for my number or some shit. So after a few minutes, some chick couldn't resist me and she came, sitting next to me. She flashed her incredibly charming smile towards me.. Jeeeesus, I felt how I was melting inside. She slowly stroked my cheek with her hand, telling me how good looking I was, and eventually asked me if I want to go to her place, do some grown people stuff. I, indeed, accepted. So we get in this chick's car and out of the sudden she places this old, dirty rag over my face and I pass out.
I woke up in this small room, with this woman wearing a lab coat, and my wrist wrapped in some sort of chain. I thought she's into that S&M freak shit. She started pulling me towards another room, I couldn't do anything, I was soooo fucking tired. She got me in this room and tossed me on the floor, attached the damn chain to the wall. I tried yanking it away it didn't help much. She walked to her "kid", I didn't even look at him at first, until the woman walked outside and locked the door behind her. I looked up.. in front of me was this giant motherfucker wearing a god damn straight jacked. It was untied. He was even wearing some sort of collar around his neck. I fucking creeped out when he walked towards me. He mumbled something, I don't even know what, he was so damn.. calm and sort of naive. I thought I might fool that guy.. and asked him to free me from the chain. The motherfucker then wrapped his fingers around my tiny fucking hand and just crushed it so it would fit out through the chain. Holy. Fucking. Shit. I screamed my lungs out and begun crying in pain, rolling around the floor, looking at my now purple coloured hand. I couldn't even fucking move my fingers anymore, I could feel how the shattered bones were poking my flesh from the inside! The beast looked down at me and dropped onto the floor himself, rolling along until he fucking ended up over me. He was just crushing me under his weight and I was suffocating! Good thing that that god damn psycho chick came in the room and got me the fuck out... but.. I soon regretted it. The bitch threw me into a chair and strapped me to it.. looked down at me with a smile before kissing me on the lips and asked if my hand hurts.. I told her it hurts as hell and she said she's gonna help me with it. She then gripped onto a giant hacksaw and turned to me with the most sinister smile I've ever seen. I started shaking, she was going to cut my arm off! I felt the cold blade of the saw touching the upper side of my arm.. she pecked my lips lovingly once again before violently thrusting into the hacksaw, cutting into my flesh and bones. I was screaming in pain, I couldn't move, couldn't save myself.. I was screwed.. and I eventually passed out.
The next day.. she brought me inside with that freak again, I was groaning, not knowing what's going to happen.. she pinned me to the ground.. I was so weak.. The woman told the guy to "fix me". The dude opened the box this psychotic woman brought in and took out my arm, a fishing net and a giant fucking needle. He tied the net to the needle and pushed the needle through my skin. I begun screaming and crying in pain as he started sewing my arm back onto my body.. with a fucking fishing net! The needle was continuously going through my flesh, causing me to cry out loud.. Jesus fuckin' Christ, the pain was unbearable! Eventually, the freak stabbed the chick in the jaw with the needle.. I think it straight up penetrated the lower part of her mouth. He freaked out and placed his hand on the chick's face. She begun screaming and wrapped her arms around his massive fucking arm, trying to move it away. I think the freak pushed his fingers in the chick's eyes and squished them in. He then rested his fingers inside her mouth and pulled her fucking jaw downwards, separating it from her fucking skull! He released the dead fucking chick, she fell on the ground as the dude was examining the jaw. Then he started fucking sewing the jaw back onto her face. Meanwhile I managed to yank the chain away from the wall, since that fucking bitch didn't put it well... I escaped.. Walking outside the fuckin' house I've seen all those cells with poor amputees sitting inside, starving.. I didn't do shit for them.. my life comes first.. I got out alive..
I finally fixed mom, I think she's alright now but for some reason she won't wake up.. I don't know what to do.. I'm going to ask for help..
As I step outside of the room I lived until now I can see all my old friends sitting in their rooms like the good people they are.. I walk outside the house.. and feel the sun stroking my face softly.. I don't need mom anymore.. I can take care of myself... 
It's time to make some new friends..

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