Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Here I am, sitting in front of a mirror, staring at my own reflection. I'm waiting for him to pop up from somewhere.. to.. hug me from behind.. to feel his freezing touch on my skin once again.. but he's nowhere to be seen. My life changed dramatically in the past two months, and that's only because of him. 

At first.. I kept having this dream.. I was entering an abandoned house, its windows were broken and covered up with wooden planks. The doors were making an awful noise, so did the rotten, wooden floor. The rooms were mainly empty, there was a chair here and there, wrapped in a white, spotless sheet. After exploring the ground floor I decided to go upstairs and ended up in an empty room, inside there was this mannequin, it had no arms and no head, wearing a long, white dress. I started examining it and then felt a cold chill traveling down my spine. For some reason, the house didn't feel sinister at all upon entering.. but at that moment, it suddenly became scary. I begun shaking violently, stepping out of the room rather quickly. I looked over my shoulder and froze in place, the mannequin was right behind me. I was creeped out, I didn't know what to do, for some reason I couldn't even run, so I started going down the stairs, awfully slowly. Every time I looked over my shoulder, the mannequin was just a few inches behind me and then I eventually tripped on my own legs and woke up.. sweating.. screaming in terror.
I had this dream every night for about a week, then it stopped for a couple days.. but then I woke up one night, I opened my eyes.. slowly, as I was feeling how something caresses my legs. I frowned slightly, allowing my gaze to drop towards the other end of the bed. Whatever was caressing my legs stopped. Through the darkness of my room, I managed to see the shape of a head, sticking out of the end of my bed. I begun shaking as the shape became more and more clear, I tried getting up.. but I couldn't move. A pair of long arms emerged from behind the bed as the mysterious creature placed its fingertips under my knees before slowly moving them downwards. I felt how the creature's fingertips were cutting through my flesh, leaving behind a trail of warm blood that slowly begun rolling down my skin and onto the sheets of the bed. I was screaming, I was afraid.. I thought and hoped it was just a dream... but it wasn't. The creature continuously scratched my legs with its "claws" until I eventually passed out. In the morning, I slowly got out of the bed, I was still shocked by what I experienced the night before. I looked at my legs and froze, I could see the countless cuts going down from my knees all the way to my ankles and the dried blood onto the sheets around my legs. I begun trembling, rubbing my eyes continuously, hoping I'm only hallucinating due to the lack of sleep.. but it was real. I slapped myself countless times.. poured ice-cubes on my own back, hoping I'd wake up.. but I was awake. I begun crying uncontrollably, thinking I'm trapped in some kind of nightmare or I'm going crazy. Eventually.. I stopped.. I started calming down.. slowly and I wrapped my legs into bandages. Half of my day was already wasted.. so I started going along with my own business, hoping that everything will just pass.
The next night I struggled to fall asleep, I kept the lights on, hoping that if I'm so unlucky that it'll happen again, I'll get to see him in detail.. and I did. I woke up in the middle of the night, like the last time. Knowing what's going to happen, I slowly lowered my gaze towards the other end of the bed widening my eyes in surprise. There was the shape of a human head, bald without any facial features; its face.. was just.. flat.. and black, I couldn't tell if he was looking at me or not, but as soon as I looked towards him, he moved his hands towards my legs once again, cutting through the bandages, re-opening my wounds. His hands were long, distorted and his fingertips were pointy, razor sharp, lacking nails. I begun crying in desperation once again, trying to think of a way to get away from this.. but I eventually passed out again. I woke up, the same as the night before, the bandages that were wrapped around my legs have been torn apart, and my wounds were re-opened. I spent the whole morning thinking about what can I do.. where can I go.. until I decided to get out of the bed, wash up and have a meal.. I was starving. In the bathroom I begun splashing water on my face, slowly rising my gaze towards the window, looking at the colors under my eyes. I gasped, having my eyes wide open as in the mirror I was able to see the same shape I saw last light, standing right behind me. It did not dare to touch me.. not at that time.. I immediately looked over my shoulder.. but it wasn't there.. "I'm going crazy", I thought, but I didn't do anything about it. 
The same events happened every night from then on, it started scratching my legs even higher.. I was seeing him in mirrors when I was driving or when I was just staring at myself. One day, it appeared behind me, as always, but now, it placed its hands onto my waist and slowly moved them under my shirt. His hands were incredibly cold, icy; he moved them up onto my chest, holding me into a tight embrace. I was freezing. He pushed his fingertips into my chest and begun moving them slowly back towards my waistline, leaving once again a trail of blood. My shirt gained a deep red tint due to the blood that was pouring out of the fresh cuts. I didn't dare to move.. I didn't want to die yet.. I was afraid. He did that more often.. touching my body, cutting it, feeling the warm blood pour over his freezing hands.

After some more days, I begun seeing him without even looking in the mirror.. he was just standing in the hallway, sending me his cold stare. I couldn't see any facial expression, but for some reason I felt that he was somehow smiling at me.. preparing me for something..

He liked watching himself in the mirror as his face slowly begun taking shape, I could see his nose now, his arms had a normal size and so did his body. I wasn't even scared anymore, his touches were now a routine, my body was covered in cuts, fresh and old. I couldn't be bothered to even bandage myself anymore, knowing he will just tear them apart and scratch me again. His body slowly begun taking a more human-like shape, his fingertips now were normal, having long nails covering them. About my personal life? I lost my job because I kept talking about the things I'm seeing, I wasn't productive anymore. On the streets everybody avoided me, I was dirty, my hair was messy and my body was full of cuts and scratches. I sometimes just begun bursting into tears in the middle of the street, dropping onto my knees as I was thinking about the life I had and how I lost it. "Why me?!" I kept asking myself.

And now, here I am, sitting in front of a mirror, staring at my own reflection. I'm waiting for him to pop up from somewhere.. to.. hug me from behind.. to feel his freezing touch on my skin once again.. but he's nowhere to be seen. I keep staring until suddenly my own reflections turns into him. I widen my eyes in shock as he rises his hand poking it out of the mirror and wrapping his fingers around my wrist. He then forcefully pulled me in the mirror without giving me any second to react. I now am trapped inside a mirror, staring at myself. I am having a wide smirk on my face as I look at myself.. but then I come to realise that I'm not myself anymore-.. I am him. I look down at my hands and try to scream, but I can't, I lack a mouth.. a face.. an identity.. Now it's my turn to haunt him..

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