Sunday, 9 February 2014


Six o'clock.. this means I can finally get off the office chair and leave this place.. at last.. I can go home. Considering it's just Monday the streets are mildly populated.. so I can just let myself slip deep down in my own thoughts.. Today is the day.. the day when I'll finally do it.. I'm nervous and still quite uncertain. The streets get emptier as I get closer to the suburbs.. closer to our house.

She greeted me with a warm smile as I stepped through the door and shuffled closer, planting a short and soft peck onto my lips. I returned the smile and embraced her into a warm and passionate hug. She hugged me too, her tiny hands traveling up and down on my back. I released her and moved backwards slightly, just enough to take a glimpse at her body.. she was wearing that oversized T-Shirt of mine once again along with a pair of shorts.. her black hair was untied, resting onto her shoulders and upper back and her emerald green eyes were locked onto me. I could see her nibbling at her bottom lip before she gripped onto my shirt and pulled me across the hallway, to the bedroom. She took my face into her hands and pressed her red, soft lips against mine, brushing them gently. I placed my hands onto her small hips before eventually wrapping them around her back, easily covering her whole body. I could feel her tongue softly caressing my lips, before she slipped out of my embrace and dropped onto the bed, giggling quietly. "Not tonight!", she said as she tapped the empty space onto the bed, giving me a wide smile. I grinned and lazily took off my pants and shirt, lowering myself onto the bed next to her. She pulled the blanket over both of our bodies and turned her back at me. I shuffled closer to her and pulled her into a loving embrace, pressing her back against my chest, once again, easily covering her delicate silhouette. She closed her eyes and rested her hand onto mine, releasing a deep breath. "I love you", she said as I begun placing short and soft kisses onto her perfectly white skin. She curved her lips into a smile and I could feel her get more and more relaxed as I continued to brush her neck with my lips.

The scent.. the feel of her skin were driving me crazy.. as usual.. The red love marks from last week did not wear off.. not even now.. I began to gently nibble at the back of her neck as she arched her back, releasing quiet moans. I could feel the lust taking over my body bit by bit.. until I could no longer control myself. I heard her sharp, high pitched scream as my teeth sank deep into her skin. I clenched my jaw tightly, allowing my teeth to cut through her raw flesh. The warm, salty blood invaded my mouth as I pulled my head backwards, completely ripping off a portion of her neck and causing tremendous amounts of the red liquor to drip off onto her skin and then on the bed. Oh, how much I wanted to get a taste of her flesh, of her blood.. I lost it completely.. I wanted more! She started struggling to get out of my grip but I kept her tightly against my chest. She was weakened, she could not do anything.. After swallowing my first bite I covered her face with my hand and buried my teeth into her uncovered cheek. I could feel the muscles of her jaw moving as I pulled my head backwards once again, removing a portion of her cheek and revealing the inside of her mouth. 

She is no longer moving.. nor screaming.. all I can hear was her, struggling to breath.. groaning quietly in pain.. I plant one last kiss onto her lips.. a kiss of death as she closes her eyes and stops breathing...

Looks like I'm single again.

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